Transitioning Loved Homes

The needs of your loved one and their property are unique. That’s how everyone at the Fitz Bickerstaff team is going to treat you.

Seller Readytm


Preparing your home to sell.

SellerReady™ by Fitz Bickerstaff Team is a comprehensive service transforming beloved family homes into market-ready properties. Our team of professionals respects your emotional journey while handling every detail, from interior design, downsizing, and moving, to repairs and renovations. Once the home is SellerReady™, we optimize pricing and marketing strategies for a successful sale. Entrust us with your home's transition; our SellerReady™ service honors its past while preparing for its future.

How SellerReady™ Works - Assessment, Selection & Renovation.

SellerReadyTM - Important Questions & Answers

What is the SellerReady service and how can it help me?
SellerReady is a comprehensive service that prepares your home for sale, including decluttering, deep cleaning, repairs, painting, staging, and landscaping, to ensure it fetches the highest possible price on the market.
What types of contractors does Fitz Bickerstaff collaborate with?
Fitz Bickerstaff collaborates with a diverse range of skilled contractors, from painters and carpenters to landscapers and interior designers, to ensure your home is market-ready.
How can Fitz Bickerstaff help with clearing out personal items from the home?
We recommend vendors that specialize in organizing and removal services to help sort and clear out personal items, treating each item with respect and ensuring it's appropriately relocated, stored, donated, or disposed of.
What is the typical cost of a renovation project with Fitz Bickerstaff?
The cost of a renovation project varies based on the scope of work and the size of the property, but we always strive to offer competitive pricing while ensuring high-quality results.
How long does the SellerReady process typically take?
The duration of the SellerReady process varies depending on the property and the scope of work needed. Our team works efficiently to have your home ready for sale in the shortest possible timeframe.
What if my parent has special requirements or requests during the home selling process?
We are committed to providing a compassionate and personalized service. Any special requests or requirements will be accommodated to the best of our abilities to ensure the comfort of your parent.
How does Fitz Bickerstaff handle communication during the selling process?
We believe in clear and constant communication. You will be regularly updated on the progress of the work and any important decisions will be made with your involvement.
Is Fitz Bickerstaff's SellerReady service cost-effective?
Yes, our SellerReady service is designed to be cost-effective by improving your home's appeal and market value, often leading to higher sale prices that offset the initial investment in our services.
Who makes the decisions about what improvements to make to the home?
While Fitz Bickerstaff provides expert recommendations, all final decisions on home improvements will be made jointly with the homeowner and/or their adult children to ensure the property meets their expectations.
How will Fitz Bickerstaff respect my parent's sentiments and memories attached to the home during the SellerReady process?
The Fitz Bickerstaff team treats every home with utmost respect and sensitivity. We understand the emotional value of a family home and strive to honor the memories it holds while preparing it for the next chapter.

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The needs of your loved one and their property are unique. That’s how everyone at Fitz BickerstaffTM is going to treat you. Let’s talk about how we can work together to create the best possible outcome for your family and how we can maximize the value of your property sale.

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